During the "Golden Age of Illustration", most Womens' magazines had their own series of paper doll pages. There were various children's or junior's pages, often with seasonal themes
I first started to save my collection of paper dolls images as digital files to preserve and protect these fragile pages as well as to repair age and storage damage
Vintage magazines were often poorly stored - most commonly in damp basements or dusty attic spaces
They can develop foxing and suffer creases and tears
The paper they were printed on was not intended for long-term survival and can become brittle with age. Frequently the printing inks used would transfer or bleed through from other pages
Saving these paper doll pages in a digital format preserves and allows for restoration
Now these lovely pages can be enjoyed as they were meant to be - as toys and as works of art
They can be framed or played with.
They are ideal as collage or scrapbooking elements.
all images are available for $1.50 per digital page - NO shipping costs
digital images will be sent as an email attatchment within 24 hours of payment
The Art Deco Creations of
Nandor Honti
The Round-Base Dolls of
Carolyn Chester
The Gimmicks
Coming soon

Polly & Peter Perkins
coming soon

Color and Cut-Out Doll
Peggy Perkins

Cut-Out Toys That Move
Little Folks
Henry Anson Hart
Animated Cut-Outs ~
Dan Rudolph
coming soon
Animated Cut-outs ~
Berta and Elmer Hader
Holiday Theme Pages
These image pages start out in the public domain
After I have painstakingly restored and repaired the images, they are under my copyright as altered art
They are for sale for personal use only
If you are intending to use them for commercial purposes, please get in touch with me to work something out
If you have any questions please contact me - linda at digitalpaperdolls dot com
These digital pages are BIG - all scanned at 300 DPI or more - please see the sample page
they print out with great detail and can be easily resized for smaller projects

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